Since the 1400s folklore has described gnomes as guardians of treasure and the protectors of Earth. Gnomes represent stability, growth, and good luck.

The six books in this series all revolve around a gnome, the protector of a local forest, who becomes friends with Nathan and Iris and helps to educate them on the importance of caring for the environment.

Marilyn Slaughter, Ed.D.

“Marilyn Slaughter is an educator with experience teaching second through fifth grades, middle school science, and social studies. She now spends time authoring children’s books, and other books for engagement, learning, and entertainment. Marilyn’s first set of six children’s books all have the theme of families enjoying the outdoors: exercising and having fun with children, teachers and classmates. The children learn about the environment, how to protect our forest, and how to plant trees. They meet and become friends with a magical and mythical being in the forest who cares for and protects the environment. Her goal is to provide a fun read with an entertaining way for children to learn about science.”

Angie Neha

“Angie Neha is a professional Graphics Designer from
Bangladesh. Her interest is bringing to life words in children’s books so children can dream, explore, create and imagine with their minds while
reading beautiful stories. Angie’s professional career as an illustrator began in 2015, as she developed her graphic skills while working at various studios. Angie loved drawing as a child and decided to pursue a professional career in graphic illustrations. Angie likes to share her emotions through creating original, fun, authentic characters for children’s books.”

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